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Please note that some of the things listed here are also available as prebuilt XEmacs packages. See the Quickstart Package Guide for more information.

The XEmacs FTP site has a contrib directory. This directory contains packages which are not included with our distribution. Most likely they are there because they require some porting. Some unsupported packages are available in the XEmacs CVS too.

If you know of other links which look like they belong here, please let us know so that we can make it available here.

Independently maintained Elisp Packages

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  • Gnus - A News and Mail Reader
  • VM - A Mail Reader
  • Mew - A Mail Reader
  • Wanderlust - Another Mail/News Reader with good support for IMAP
  • The Insidious Big Brother DataBase @ SourceForge
  • The new Mailcrypt site (with PGP 5.0 support)
  • Zenirc - Noah Friedman's IRC client
  • ERC - Alexander Belikoff's IRC client
  • eicq - An XEmacs ICQ Client
  • GNU Talk - A talk client with an Emacs interface
  • Emacs/W3 4.0 - A Web Browser


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  • EDE - An Emacs-based Development Environment
  • JDEE - Java Development Environment for Emacs
  • Ada Mode
  • antlr-mode
  • CC Mode
  • Erlang Mode
  • Ilya Zakharevich's Elisp files (cperl-mode)
  • Verilog Mode
  • Reto Zimmermann (maintainer)/Rod Whitby - Emacs VHDL Mode
  • Etags - turns symbols in souce code into hyperlinks
  • XSLT-process - XML/XSLT processing and debugging for Emacs
  • Kevin Whitefoot(maintainer)/Fred White - Visual Basic Mode
  • Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE)

Lisp Programming

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  • Ilisp - external Lisp processor interface
  • EIEIO - CLOS for Emacs Lisp
  • The Semantic Bovinator - A lexer, parser-generator, and parser
  • Checkdoc - Emacs Lisp Source Style checker
  • template - commenting, (auto-)updating, file templates
  • SLIME: The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs

Writing Documentation

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  • PSGML - For editing and validating SGML and XML documents.
  • HTML Helper Mode - Editing mode with support for PHP, JSP and ASP
  • X-Symbol - Make TeX or HTML source more WYSIWYG
  • AUCTeX - An Integrated Environment for Editing LaTeX and TeX Files
  • RefTeX - Support for LaTeX Labels, References and Citations with GNU Emacs
  • Emacs/LaTeX inline Preview
  • iso-tex

Spell Check and Dictionary Access

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  • Ispell - an international spell checker
  • Ispell.el - Emacs interface to ispell
  • Aspell - possible future resplacement for ispell
  • Edict - A free Japanese/English online dictionary
  • Lookup - access dictionaries online
  • Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server

Web sites of famous Emacs hackers

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  • Alex Shinn's Emacs page (previously at http://www.martnet.com/~foof/emacs/)
  • Barry Warsaw's Emacs Goodies
  • Dennis Howe's Elisp files
  • Eric Ludlam's CEDET
  • jhg:elisp
  • Herbert Dampel's Elisp files (battery.el, info-look.el)
  • Jari Aalto's Tiny Tools
  • Jim Blandy's Emacs Hacks
  • Joe Keane's Elisp files
  • Kyle Jones' Wonderworks
  • Martin Schwenke's Emacs Hacks
  • Michael Kifer's Emacs page (Viper and Ediff)
  • Michelangelo Grigni's Emacs Hacks (ffap.el)
  • Noah Friedman's Emacs Lisp site
  • Robin Socha's my.gnus.org
  • Stephen Turnbull's XEmacs site

Other Elisp Packages

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  • Custom and Widget Packages
  • Speedbar
  • session - Session Management for Emacs
  • EFS - A transparent file-transfer interface
  • gnuserv - Control Emacs from external programs
  • pc-select
  • Emacspeak - A complete Audio Desktop for blind users

Japanese language related sites

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  • Tamago - Japanese input method
  • SKK - Japanese input method
  • UTF-2000 - An ambitious Unicode-based XEmacs
  • Yoshiki's Meadow Page

Other Emacs Implementations

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  • The Mule project
  • InfoDock
  • Jemacs - Emacs rewritten in Java
  • Gemacs - Emacs integrated with Guile
  • GNU Emacs
  • GNU Emacs for Windows
  • GNU Emacs for Mac OS X and Classic

Competing Link Farms

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  • Stephen Eglen's amazing elisp collection.
  • Ohio State Elisp Archive (under new management)
  • Open Directory Project Emacs Page
  • The Emacs Wiki


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